Carver Magnet Elementary School – 21st Century After School Program


Express yourself through art! Mrs. Sharon Boyd-Struthers will help you explore several techniques to create one of a kind art pieces then you will showcase your work.

Carver Gents

On Wednesdays, Carver students will dress for success and meet with Mr. Anderson for Carver Gents. Mr. Anderson will encourage students to look good, feel good, and do good. Students will learn life lessons and be involved with service learning.


Ms. Stewart will introduce students to the pleasures of preparing and enjoying food that is delicious. Students will learn basic cooking techniques such as measuring and reading a recipe. The best part is sampling our creations. This class is YUMMY!

Craft Club 

Students love meeting with Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Gore to make crafts and take them home. Let’s get crafty!

Do the Math

Do the Math is a research based proven curriculum by Marilyn Burns designed to increase student mathematical skills.  Do the Math helps students develop the skills they need to compute with accuracy and efficiency, the number sense they need to reason, and the ability to apply their skills and reasoning to solve problems.  Mrs. Carter will teach addition, subtraction and multiplication. Mrs. Stone will teach fractions. You will love “doing” the math!

Drum Club

Do you like drums? Join Mrs. Hughes for Drum Club! Drum Club is based on the Drum Ballet, created in 1999 by Zinse Agginie, a native of Ghana in West Africa. The djembe drums that we perform with were actually carved and created in Ghana. In the Ga language, “dje” means “come together” and “be” means “in peace”. It is pronounced “jembay”. Students will learn basic and advanced drumming techniques, counting rhythms, writing simple rhythms, creating improvisational pieces, and sound texture (layers of sound).

Film Projects

Join Mr. Crader for this new class. Students will learn the art of film production with the use of Canon dSLR cameras with the goal of making one short film by the end of the year.


Funtology is an interactive cosmetology, nails, and skin care program. Funtology creates an avenue to utilize students’ positive energy for visual results. This youth program is designed as a form of self-expression through grooming and creativity. Students will have the opportunity to increase their science and literacy skills while recording their thoughts on paper. Join Ms. Stewart for cosmetology fun!


Relax and have fun in this class playing classic board games.  Games include favorites such as chess, dominos, Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary, and more!  Mrs. O’Neal, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Fair and Mrs. Milum will teach us the rules and how to play with others!

Get Fit

You’ve got to move-it, move-it. You are built to move. Being active helps you become healthier, stronger, and feel your best. Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise helps to lower your risk of serious illness and improve your mood. Join Ms. Stone and get fit!

Instant Challenge

Instant Challenge provides a chance for students to showcase their creative solving problem skills. Mrs. Banks will preset Destination Imagination problems to student and allow the teams to share their unique and creative solutions with others.

Leadership Team

Each grade level class will elect two students to participate on the 21st Century After School Leadership Team. The team will help with 21st Century After School decision-making and project planning. Mrs. Banks will help students take the lead!

Math Mentors

Our fourth and fifth grade students will mentor second and third grade students and teach them how to play games based on math. Mrs. Fair will pair up students to make learning fun. Let the games begin!

Nature Club

Community partners such as Mr. Singleton, Audubon Arkansas, Arkansas Wildlife Federation, City of Little Rock Love Your School, and the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society have partnered with Carver Magnet School’s 21st Century After School Program to help students experience and appreciate nature.  Partners will help students plant a butterfly garden, build a bird watching station, grow vegetables, learn about Arkansas wildlife, learn about constellations, and more.   Mrs. Barrett will lead this exciting class.

Photography Club

Students will learn the craft and art of photography with Mr. Crader. From the basics of exposure to more advanced artistic techniques, students will have the opportunity to learn this digital art form. Each student will learn to use a digital SLR camera and become proficient at taking photographs.


Meet the Quirkles!  Quirkles are characters that will introduce students to phonics and science.  Join Ms. Yarbrough to read science stories and then do hands-on science experiences. Let’s get quirky!

Reader’s Theater

Mrs. Crum will help students prepare and present Reader’s Theater plays from start to finish. Mrs. Crum will help students study scripts, use puppets, and more. Students will improve their reading fluency and improve their social skills by interacting and planning with others. Students will discover that reading is fun!

Read to Feed

Read to Feed is made possible through a partnership with Carver Magnet School, Heifer International and the Rebsamen Foundation.  During the Read to Feed class led by Mrs. Joseph and Mrs. Thomas, students will practice literacy skills by reading books to earn money for families in need throughout the world.  Students will earn $1 for Heifer International (donated by the Rebsamen Foundation) for each Accelerated Reader point earned.  The project will help educate our students about our international neighbors and inspire us to help build a better world.  Together with our partners, we can help end hunger and poverty!

Skill ‘n Drill

Do you like basketball? If so, this class is for you! Students will earn fundamental skills such as footwork, shooting layups, passing, and ball handling. Join Mr. Crader and Mr. Anderson and improve your basketball skills!

Special Projects

Mrs. Shields will give individualized instruction to students preparing for special projects such as the Arkansas Wildlife Federation art contest and the Art Gallery display at the Hillary Clinton Children’s Library.


Students will learn the craft of website production by working on and maintaining Carver’s after school website. Mr. Crader will help students keep everyone informed about the great things happening during Carver’s 21st Century After School program!

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is an immersive, project based exploration of theater making. Mrs. Banks will introduce theater to students and help them produce their own production of Willy Wonka. Students will experience acting, design, music, playwriting, choreography, directing, and more. Join us this spring to view our production of Willy Wonka to held at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library.

Write Brain Books

Through an in-depth and standards aligned literacy course in the art of children’s book authoring, students will write thoughtfully crafted story books and be published in the process. First, students will collaborate in groups to write independently and receive a high quality, professionally printed perfect bound copy of their self-authored book. Every student’s self-esteem and test readiness will elevate as vital academic and social skills develop. Join Mrs. Ditmore on this journey to become a published author!