Innovation Arkansas Summer Program – Week 2

Today we wrapped up the second week of fun at our Innovation Arkansas summer program. In social studies, students learned about all of the states symbols and why we have them. In P.E., students continued to play fun games outdoors. In science, students have been learning about density and finished their little bit projects where they created helicopters, boats, and many other things with lego-like materials. In music, students continue to learn sign language to help them sign and sing a song about Arkansas, as well as learning the different major chords to accompany a song. In art, students are putting the finishing touches on their arcade games that we will all get to play on Friday.
Today, we had a special guest (Keith Harris with UALR) visit the Science Lab to do some engineering design challenges with our students. The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun. Thank you Mr. Harris for volunteering today!
Our final week of the summer program is upon on us. We will have fun water day celebration for the kids on Thursday, and a special parent showcase day on Friday, to showoff all the things that the kids learned this summer. We hope to see you there!

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