Monthly Archives: November 2017

Do the Math

Ms. Stone’s fourth grade students are engaged with learning all about fractions. This week they are learning about equivalent fractions using fraction strips. Students are exploring relationships between halves, fourths, and sixteenths.

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Heifer Ranch Field Trip

Today, students visited Heifer Ranch in Perryville, and learned all about what they do to help people around the world. We visited different villages that represented places around the world. We also got to see some of the animals that help change lives around the world by giving poor people hope for a better life. Thank you to all the teachers who volunteered and our chaperones at Heifer for making this a wonderful field trip.

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Carver Photography Club – Week 06 – Photo of the Week – Diego

Congratulations Diego for taking this creative photograph. He use a long sheet of paper and created a tube and shout through the opening to make this photo. It is one of the best and most creative photo anyone in our after school photography class has taken. This week’s objective was to photograph subjects within a frame. Diego did a wonderful job of framing his subject.

Carver Gents

Carver Gents has begun. Thank you to all of the Carver young men that have made the commitment to look good, do good and feel good. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Crader are appreciated for mentoring these fine young men. Today, the Gents learned how to tie a tie.

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Let the Games Begin!

While the teachers were in a faculty meeting, 21st Century students had a great time playing harvest games! Thank you to Mrs. Banks and the Student Leadership Team for planning this event. Thank you Ms. Fair, Mrs. Crum, Mrs. Milum, Mrs. Franklin, and Mrs. Oneal for all the help today.

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