Monthly Archives: November 2016

Read to Feed Initiative

The Rebsamen Fund has graciously agreed once again to fund “Read to Feed”!  Carver Magnet 21st Century students earn $1 for every Accelerated Reader point earned to be donated to Heifer International.  Our goal is to earn 2300 Accelerated Reader points by reading books and taking AR tests.   Once we earn 2300 points, the Rebsamen Fund will donate $2300 to Heifer International to help families in need throughout the world.  Let’s read, read, read!

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Audubon Arkansas Conducts Class On Owls

Uta Meyer from Audubon Arkansas volunteered and conducted a class on owls on Tuesday with our 3rd graders.  Students dissected owl pellets and searched for the remains of mice, rats, birds, moles, shrews, and voles.   Mrs. Milum said she was very glad she is a human, not an owl!  Ms. Meyer from Audubon will return on Thursday to give our third grades an opportunity to experience dissecting owl pellets.

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November Field Trip Report

21st Century students had a great time on our field trip Saturday, Nov. 12.  We started with a visit to the W.H. Stephens Nature Center and learned all about Arkansas wildlife and alligators.  After eating our Lunchables, we then walked to the Museum of Discovery.   We were all amazed at the Super Science Show and “blown away” by the tornado exhibit!  Thank you Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Ditmore, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Redditt, Mrs. O’Neal, and Mrs. Cook for making this field trip possible.  Our next field trip is scheduled  January 14.

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