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Arkansas Arts Center Field Trip

We are going to the Arts Center to see the play The Thirteen Clocks on February 6thWe will meet at school at 12:30pm.  We will be seated at the Art Center by 1:30pm.   The play starts at 2:00pm.   We will return to Carver at 3:30pm.

Here is a description of the play:

Princess Saralinda is “warm in every wind and weather,” but her uncle, the Duke of the castle, is not. In fact, the Duke is so cold and so jealous of Saralinda’s warmth, that he holds her prisoner in a tower, refusing to let her marry. Then one day Prince Zorn of Zorna arrives to rescue the Princess from her uncle’s icy schemes. To do so he must complete an impossible task: he must deliver 1,000 jewels to the Duke just as the 13 castle clocks strike five o’clock. There’s just one problem: the clocks in the Castle haven’t ticked or tocked in 7 years: “Time lies frozen there. It’s always Then. It’s never Now.”  Come join the brave Prince Zorn on this whimsically impossible fantasy quest from the ever-surprising, always entertaining imagination of James Thurber. – See more at:

NBA Math Hoops

NBA Math Hoops is a national game where students use math skills to play a board game patterned after basketball. Every quarter we send in the top three names for possible prizes. This quarter all three of our students won a Charlotte Hornets backpack. Our winners are, AVERY L., CITLALI V., and KHARI W..


Wildlife of Arkansas Art Contest

With Mrs. Shields’s guidance and sponsorship, a group of 21st Century students will be participating in the Wildlife of Arkansas Art Contest presented by Arkansas Wildlife Federation and Creative Ideas. The theme “Wildlife of Arkansas” acknowledges the natural beauty of our state and provides the perfect inspiration for students of Arkansas to explore their artistic abilities. The exhibit will travel to all four Arkansas Game and Fish Nature Centers.

Check out some of the amazing work our students submitted to the contest.

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Lion King Tryouts

Katy Elliott from the LRSD grants office and Mary Wohlleb from the Rebsamen Fund both donated their time to judge our Lion King tryouts.  Ms. Carter helped Mrs. Banks also!  This team did an excellent job.  We are looking forward to the Lion King production this spring!

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