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Week 9 Photography Club Photos

Last week, students used a new lens for the first time. When we bought the cameras earlier this year, the kit had two lenses included with it. We’ve only been using the smaller lens up to this point. The larger lens is heavier and takes a bit of practice to get the hang of using it. They did a great job. Here are some of the photos taken with their long lenses.

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Writer’s Workshop Spotlight

Here are two more poems from Mrs. Shields’ Writer’s Workshop students. Great job!


Feels like goose bumps on your arms

Looks like snow on the ground

Smells like soup cooking

Sounds like teeth chattering

Tastes like warm hot cocoa

It must be winter.

– Lily T – 5th Grade –


Smells like old tomatoes

Looks like no homework

Sounds like I’m home alone

Tastes like plain cauliflower

Feels like death

It must be loneliness!

– Chancis B. – 5th Grade